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Customer Newsletter for 01/11/2017

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Free Product of the Month

Free weekly productIt's Not My Fault! Reference & Character Record Cards
by Evil Hat Productions, LLC

This is an accessory supplement to It's Not My Fault! This 30-card deck contains 10 Fate system rules reference cards for handing out around the table (same as the reference card found in the Deck of Fate); 20 double-sided character record cards for recording your It's Not My Fault characters on.

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Create Your Own PHASE Cards!

Create your very own Phase cards!


AEG has partnered with DriveThruCards to enable you to make your very own totally legal Phase cards!

With the Phase card creator, you can mix and match any cards in the Phase system, making your own custom selection of two-sided Phase cards.

These cards can be used in any Phase play format from casual to competitive. And we expect you to find all sorts of clever ways to break the game as a result. Boy howdy, do we!

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Featured Products

Featured Title

Wolf Man's Curse!
by Popcorn Press


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Featured Title

EVE Online Guristas Poker Deck
by CCP Games


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Featured Title

Jack the Ripper: A Social Deduction Card Game
by Crypt Monkey Studios, LLC


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Featured Title

I Can't Even With These Spectacular Supers
by Smart Play Games


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Featured Title

Deal With It!
by BeholderGames


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Pick of the Month

Pick of the WeekAlchemy 101
by Empire Games

You play young wizards at an unnamed magical academy of some questionable prestige. Your Alchemy Master's assignment: find all the hidden magical mixtures.

But a less than graceful classmate has knocked over a Potion of Forgetting. Now, the only way to figure out which potion is which is to start tasting. Be sure to avoid the Essence of Frog that have been placed among the potions. Those who get transmogrified will get an F (for frog, obviously) and must muck out the hippogriff stables (Ewwww!). Who will get an A? Who will go hopping to the infirmary?


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