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PACS Expansion II: Vehicular Voyages
by Jerry L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/26/2014 16:47:48

I've played a little PACS here & there, bought everything up to this point... This expansion was initially supposed to include sea creatures as well as ships & pirates. I bought it without realizing they decided to split this naval-themed expansion into 2 supplements though. So what you have basically is just some captains, crew members, and some water vessels here. Not especially helpful without the beasties :/

Well, guess we'll have to wait 'til they put out the follow-up set which should include sea critters. Reading through their facebook page, they asked what aquatic monsters members would like to see included. Of the responses were: an alligator & gar combination, dragon turtle, giant seahorse (mount), hippocampus, kraken, mermaid, sea serpent, siren, and some kind of electric eel or similar beast as a familiar. ALL OF THOSE are great suggestions I'd welcome seeing for PACS in a heartbeat - and anything beyond that, actually (including giant crabs, sharks or stingrays)!!!

DISLIKED: No sea-based creatures that were originally supposed to be included LIKED: What is included is done very well - naval armor, pirate, scooner, skiff, etc.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
PACS Expansion II: Vehicular Voyages
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