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Karacterz Box 2 $17.01
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Karacterz Box 2
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Publisher: Landratt, LLC
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/13/2016 19:43:23

Last summer, a couple of our awesome illustrators in Italy hosted their own Karacterz tournament! There was 7 people playing 1-on-1 games to win a double-elimination tournament. They had lots of fun and here’s what they had to say:

[Several players] agreed in loving the Phase 1! They had a lot of fun creating the character especially, setting their equipment and looking to reach requirements for a class. I must agree with them as well: picking cards from the deck and planning out how to make the character grow is really exciting! I made a Samurai in a game and loved it.

The game can either be quick or slow and there is quite a variety of different actions to be done, especially in phase 2 [Kombat Mode]. Thank you again for the super-useful cards with the rules and phases!!

In particular, [one player] said he finds it easier than Magic the Gathering, while [another player] thinks it's more complex- nonetheless, both are loving it.

I must agree that compared to Magic the Gathering, Karacterz has a lot more variety! At the end of the day, Magic consists in putting down the biggest monsters and crushing the enemy quickly- while Karacterz offers different kinds of strategy.

Since more and more players were discarded from the tournament, those who couldn't participate anymore helped me reminding the rules and even got side by side to the players to advise them.

They were happy to play again…we had fun together.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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