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Backstory Cards: Distant Worlds $1.99
Publisher: Galileo Games
by Blake H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/22/2017 15:00:56

So I had already purchased the original Backstory Cards, which seemed pricey but were pretty decent in play. Since I'm currently running a space opera game using Uncharted Worlds, I thought I'd try these.

There are fifteen new cards, a two-page PDF. For a $5.00 price point, I'd have thought there'd be more meat. The cards themselves are OK, but not that amazing or creative. This is a $1.99 product at best. I see now that they've marked down the price on the physical deck + PDF to $5.00, which might still be high, but does me no good. As it is, I feel ripped off. Caveat emptor.

My recommendation is to skip this one and any other Backstory Card supplements at this price point.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Blake,

Thanks for your review. It looks like we made a mistake in pricing the extension cards' PDF. I'm fixing that now in the DTC system, and I'd like to make it up to you. I'll send you a refund, or a copy of the physical cards. Your choice. Just send a note to

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Backstory Cards: Distant Worlds
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