Publisher Card FAQ

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The Basics

Q: What is "Print on Demand"?

Q: How does the printed card program work?

Q: What printed card formats are available?

Q: How are my cards printed?

Q: Who is printing my cards?

Q: Exclusive or non-exclusive?

Card Costs & Shipping Costs

Q: What does the printed card program cost me?

Q: What are the printing costs?

Q: How are my cards shipped and who pays?

Q: Is there a deck size that doesn't fit your model?

Preparing Cards

Q: How do I get my cards ready for print?

Q: What is the best program in which to lay out my cards?

Pricing Cards for Sale

Q: Do I have to sell my cards on the DriveThruCards marketplace?

Q: Who sets the price?

Q: How should I set the price?

Packaging, Rulebooks, and Game Components

Q: Do you offer packaging (tuck boxes)?

Q: What about my rulebook?

Q: What if my card product requires additional components?

Sales and Royalties

Q: How do royalty payments work with regard to printed card products?

Q: Won't selling my cards here affect sales of my traditionally sold cards?

Q: Will I be able to offer card products to retailers or distributors?

Q: If I do use one of the retailer/distributor workarounds, how will the product be packaged?

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