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Mah Jong Print and Play Deck
by Alexander L.
Publisher: Plain Sight Games
Date Added: 03/03/2017 16:09:38
Mah Jong Print and Play Deck **I**magine yourself at high seas, and you need a mahjong tile-set. You won´t get it. But you may get out some cards and use those instead. Even better, when sitting anywhere in the world and you desperately need a set for a playtest or review you´re going to make and NOBODY in the neighborhood or anywhere close has one, and buying a real one is too expensive (looking at you amazon with your 20+ bucks mahjong sets!) then this is a great alternative. Seriously. Simple to make, good cutting margins and still a good look. We enjoyed using them and I´d definitely enjoy using or buying this again =)...

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Backstory Cards: Distant Worlds
by Blake H.
Publisher: Galileo Games
Date Added: 02/22/2017 15:00:56
Backstory Cards: Distant Worlds So I had already purchased the original Backstory Cards, which seemed pricey but were pretty decent in play. Since I'm currently running a space opera game using Uncharted Worlds, I thought I'd try these. There are fifteen new cards, a two-page PDF. For a $5.00 price point, I'd have thought there'd be more meat. The cards themselves are OK, but not that amazing or creative. This is a $1.99 product at best. I see now that they've marked down the price on the physical deck + PDF to $5.00, which might still be high, but does me no good. As it is, I feel ripped off. Caveat emptor. My recommendation is to skip this one and any other Backstory Card supplements at this price point....

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T.p.k. - Custom Card
by Jonathan M.
Publisher: Brotherwise Games
Date Added: 02/18/2017 10:38:35
T.p.k. - Custom Card The main problem with this card is that there is a misspelling. Cleric is misspelled "clefric" in this card. I really wish I'd bought a different one.

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The Anime Hack
by Christopher S. [Featured Reviewer]
Publisher: Okumarts Games
Date Added: 01/13/2017 12:19:17
The Anime Hack Hey Folks. I've read BESM, other d20 games that try and do anime, and other story games which hit the genre they're aiming at pretty well. All that said the Anime Hack is light, easy to understand, has all the basic building blocks you need if you want to kit bash together your own anime game, and it's affordable. You'll have to do a little work to put together the exact anime game you're looking for but as a place to build up from this games got it right. If you're not familiar with the X Hack games they have a mechanics where you have resources tied to dice which diminish over time when you use them. In the Anime Hack it uses Stress Veins and Genki which are those moments when character push through a tough situation or unleash a bunch of energy to get the job done. It's a pretty great mechanics to get your One Piece or Super Saiyan moments at the table. If you’re not an anime fan then I wouldn’t suggest this game for you, but if you are I think it’s a must buy. For $5 you real...

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The GameMaster's Apprentice: Horror Deck
by Anthony J.
Publisher: Larcenous Designs, LLC
Date Added: 12/18/2016 20:22:30
The GameMaster's Apprentice: Horror Deck Although the horror deck feels really specialized when you first look at it., it does give results for exactly those moments you need a little randomization: when the PCs enter dark alleys or empty rooms, when they are confronting something but aren't sure what it is. When the plot stalls and they aren't sure what to do next. In those specific moments, the deck really shines. In the not-so-horror moments, the deck provides some weird results so its best not to use it. The trick I found though is that you don't really need the deck during most of those moments anyway. Keep drawing cards so the PCs don't notice any pattern to your drawing, but learn when you need to use the results and when you don't, because this deck isn't generically useful... it seems specialized to help for particular situations that are usually kind of dull without it. This deck helps you take those moments that are usually skipped and glossed over and make those moments interesting... those moments that real...

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SpellCards 5e
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer]
Publisher: Myth Merchant Press
Date Added: 12/14/2016 20:52:25
SpellCards 5e I'm always a fan of cards as record-keeping in games as they make the game flow much smoother and tend to support players to be more prepared (and the DM to construct material on the fly). These cards are excellent, providing all of the spell information you need for your 5e game. I'll not only encourage my players to purchase a set to have at the table (and construct custom decks to represent their spellbooks or equivalent) but also as a tactile treasure when they lay hands on a captured spellbook. There is an extra sense of achievement for the player when you hand them a small stack of cards to rummage through after defeating an enemy mage and these are perfect for the job. An accompanying product that I'd buy in an instant would be collections of monsters on these sorts of cards (like the old 'Monster Sets' from first edition), perhaps as themed decks (ie 'Dungeon Monsters', 'Aquatic Monsters', High-Level Threat Monsters'). I could imagine combining some monster cards with a fe...

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Night Witches
by Patrick H.
Publisher: Bully Pulpit Games
Date Added: 11/27/2016 22:02:00
Night Witches This is basically genius. It's one of the weirder niche settings I've encountered, but somehow all the more powerful for it.

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Deck100 Indie Variant (Polyhedral Dice Cards for RPGs)
by mark h.
Publisher: Nocturnal Media
Date Added: 11/21/2016 12:15:39
Deck100 Indie Variant (Polyhedral Dice Cards for RPGs) Great Product! I use this in my Dungeon Crawl Classics Game. DCC uses a die chain mechanic which can move the die roll up or down a scale of dice sizes/types. All of the necesary dice are on the cards which makes it very easy to resolve a roll, in addition the deck takes up less space behind the GM screen. This is particularly helpful at convention games. I highly recomend this product.

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The GameMaster's Apprentice: Horror Deck
by sean m.
Publisher: Larcenous Designs, LLC
Date Added: 11/13/2016 19:54:34
The GameMaster's Apprentice: Horror Deck Must buy for solo games.Great purchase.Text and graphical elements are really nice. Since i purchased all 6 pdf decks and use them on my ipad it would be great if they all were illustrated with the decks vertically rather than horizontally as i use my tablet in portrait orientation (demon,scifi,base are all vertical whereas horror,sail,steampunk are horizontal). I would gladly buy different genre themed decks if they are produced.

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The GameMaster's Apprentice: Sci Fi
by Scott M.
Publisher: Larcenous Designs, LLC
Date Added: 11/10/2016 16:49:29
The GameMaster's Apprentice: Sci Fi Great for writing as well as RPGs. The ability to whip up situations, people, and items at the draw of a card makes awkward game mastering situations much easier

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The Bite
by jeffrey s.
Publisher: Dan Enders
Date Added: 11/08/2016 15:40:44
The Bite This game broke my heart in the best way. It uses a familiar scene (the moment in a zombie movie when one character is bitten and chooses to hide it) to pose difficult questions about violence, human nature, and morality under pressure. The mechanics are easy to understand, move the narrative forward, and force a close, emotional playstyle that suits the subject matter. Be warned, there is heavy subject matter at play, including murder and self-harm. But if you're comfortable with that, this is a game you won't regret playing....

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Beneath Nexus
by Thomas L.
Publisher: Silverclutch Games
Date Added: 11/05/2016 15:48:12
Beneath Nexus While over-all its an OK game, it still needs some tweeking-I think. 1. Some of the art is hard to see what actually is in the picture, so it somewhat boring. 2. It does not give you the feel of a trun dungeon crawker, i.e., no searching, looking and opening thinks. 3. There is a bad card as a treasure that of you get it there is noway to get rid of it. 4. I still backed the project and look forward to getting the final game, but if I knew someone who has the game I would not have purchased a copy. 5. So, in the end I hope my copy does not go on ebay for sale....

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Wrap Your Mummy
by Ken F.
Publisher: Spare Change Games
Date Added: 10/25/2016 11:55:10
Wrap Your Mummy Wrap Your Mummy is a simple, but entertaining card game for up to six players. The mechanics are pretty straighforward: draw a card, play a card. The strategy comes from trying to manage the wrappings of your mummy. Get your Mummy wrapped too soon and you become the target of the other players. Wait too long and the game can come to an abrupt end with your mummy still unfinished. The random element of the vizier's arrival, as represented by four cards shuffled into the deck, forces the player to try and get the most out of each turn of play. If there is a drawback to the game, it is that while it is entertaining to play, the random nature of the vizier and the ability of the other players to disrupt your wrapped mummy make it very difficult to win. The art and card design are very good, probably the best from Spare Change Games to date....

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Complete Errata Set (RoR, 2nd printing)
by Kenneth R.
Publisher: Paizo
Date Added: 10/22/2016 22:55:11
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Complete Errata Set (RoR, 2nd printing) The cards arrived in a padded envelope, which I must say I don't like, having had multiple bad experinces with them in the past. I anticipated this from other reviews, so I ordered the stacking deckbox, as well. However, I was pleasantly surprised to open the envelope and see that the deckbox and cards within were in perfect shape. My next fear from prior reviews was the cut of the cards, and again I was happy to see that whatever off-center cutting errors occurred in the past were not at all evident in the cards I received. The cards look really great. My next step is to compare them to the original Paizo cards, double check the contents against the published errata list, and sleeve them for play. On a quick glance, these cards look great and although perhaps not an exact match (I will check and report back) these cards are an awesome addition and a way better alternative to other options such as printing the errata cards yourself. Thank you to Paizo and DriveThruCards for maki...

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Theater of Operations Printed Components [BUNDLE]
by Philip P.
Publisher: Imperium Group, LLC
Date Added: 10/18/2016 14:52:37
Theater of Operations Printed Components [BUNDLE] As an old, old 'Traveller' (GDW) grognard, I've been around the sci-fi gaming scene for a long, long time. This game is jut the sort of game that I've I have always craved for as long as I can remember. In my not-so-humble opinion, this is sci-fi the way it ought to be!

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