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Newsletter for Tuesday, May 7th, 2024

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Free Product of the Month

Free weekly productCorners: A Puzzling, Matching, Shedding Card Game (Print and Play)
by Karma Pirate Games

Corners: Print and Play

This is the basic and simple deck to start playing Corners- a puzzling, matching, shedding card game.

2 to 4 players. Tested on ages 5 and up.

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Create Your Own Cards!

Ascension: Create your own Heroes, Constructs, and Monsters with the Ascension Community Card Creator!

Boss Monster: Want to build your very own Room? Give life to your very own Boss? Create them all with the Boss Monster Community Card Creator.

Button Men: Craft your very own fighter with the Button Men Community Card Creator.

Call to Adventure: Add your own Hero, Antihero, and Adversary Feat cards with the Call to Adventure Community Card Creator.

Doomtown: Create your own Dudes, Legends, Spells, and more with the Doomtown Community Card Creator!

Gloom: Create your own character cards with the Gloom Community Card Creator.

Murder of Crows:  Murder most fowl! Made more so by creating your own murderer, victim, setting, motive, and method. Add new life (or death) to your game using the Murder of Crows Community Card Creator.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Create and customize your own monster, henchman, villain, loot, role, and many more card types using the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Community Card Creator.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle: Create your own Crypt and Library cards with the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Card Creator!

5E Spell Cards: Create your own custom spells for 5E and share them with friends using the DriveThruRPG Custom Spell Card Creator.

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Featured Products

Featured Title

Dungeon Crawler Delve Pack 3 Outlands
by Gifted Vision inc


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Featured Title

Songs of Far Shores | Omen Game 1
by Small Box Games


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Featured Title

Tarot of Shakespearean Insults
by Igor Chuprov


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Featured Title

Agent Challenge
by Disintegrator, LLC.

$9.95 $4.95

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Featured Title

Monster Garden Oracle Cards
by Zack Wood


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Featured Title

Premium Title Bout II: Set 4
by Straight Jab Media


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Pick of the Month

Pick of the WeekDeckula - a solo card game
by Dr. Mindflip

A solo card game of decadence, death, and dreary decorating.

After a century of slumber, you awaken to discover your castle in a disgraceful state. This will not do! Vampires are, after all, connoisseurs of the very best that (un)life has to offer... Renovate the most imposing rooms of your lair! Fill the halls with ghoulish servants! Drink a fine wine, pose dramatically on the highest tower, and write dreadful poetry! But beware the curious and bold locals that might wander by - perhaps you can invite them in...for a drink?

Deckula! is a darkly-comic card game of high stakes (sorry) where you try to balance a decadent lifestyle with fending off aspiring vampire hunters and looters. It's quick and easy-to-play, with scalable difficulty and a small footprint.


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Roll20, LLC, 2657 Windmill Pkwy Suite 630, Henderson, NV, 89074, USA
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