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Customer Newsletter for 10/10/2017

Connecting card game designers and players

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Free Product of the Month

Free weekly productFate's Fickle Winds: Winds of Magic Deck
by ndp design

Fate's Fickle Winds is a two-player fiction game. One player takes on the role of the Good, and the other of the Wicked. The Good and the Wicked use the Winds of Magic to struggle for, and gain control over, parts of an ancient Prophecy. Whoever gains control of the Prophecy wins the game, and can set the fate of the word in their image.

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Featured Products

Featured Title

Orcs and Undead
by Beardy Brothers Games


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Featured Title

Blade and Brush
by Arcana Games


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Featured Title

Sector 86
by Invincible Ink


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Featured Title

Spirit Cards
by Tiny Bowl of Cherries Press


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Featured Title

Adorable Monsters
by Mason Games


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Pick of the Month

Pick of the WeekLords
by Small Box Games

Each player is in charge of a fledgling tribe, growing in numbers and power along the shore of a strange land. By worshiping the four remaining fickle Lords of this peculiar land, players can expand their tribe, build temples, gather powerful shells, and pledge their allegiance to the four Lords, all in hopes of being the most powerful tribe.


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