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Customer Newsletter for 05/23/2018

Connecting card game designers and players

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Free Product of the Month

Free weekly productDaggers - A Tarot Inspired Tavern Game
by Arcana Games

Daggers is tarot inspried tarot tavern game. If you've ever experienced the trope of the seedy fantasy tavern, be it in a movie, a book, or perhaps a role-playing game, then you know the scene is not complete without a few shady characters gambling in the greasy lantern light. The game they are playing is Daggers.

This cloak and dagger feel isn't limited to thieves, however. The game is also elegant, and its focus on duplicity and schemes is echoed by high society as well. Nobles too can play the game, trading pointed insults as they play.

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Create Your Own Cards!

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: This card creator has seen over 9,000 community-created cards. Create and customize your own monster, henchman, villain, loot, role, and many more card types using the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Community Card Creator.

Boss Monster: Want to create your very own Epic Hero? Build your very own Room? Give life to your very own Boss? You can now create your own cards with the Boss Monster Community Card Creator.

Murder of Crows: Murder most fowl! Made more so by your creating a murderer, a victim, a setting, a motive, or a method. Add new life (or death) to your game using the Murder of Crows Community Card Creator.

Button Men: Create your fighter with the Button Men Community Card Creator and let the battles begin.

Ascension: Create your own Heroes, Constructs, and Monsters with the Ascension Community Card Creator!

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Featured Products

Featured Title

Action Baseball
by Devilbear Publishing


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Featured Title

Malicious Content
by Jon Camfield


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Featured Title

Arsenic & Lies
by Karolina Soltys


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Featured Title

Pam's Vintage Tarot size
by LuckyCardStudio


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Featured Title

Plume: Rad Birds
by Smart Play Games


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Pick of the Month

Pick of the WeekLost Kindred Bundle
by Black Chantry Productions

Hidden for ages, unleashed at last

Black Chantry's first expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle focuses on five of the Kindred bloodlines: Blood Brothers, Gargoyles, Harbingers of Skulls, Salubri antitribu, and Samedi. A fixed assortment of 120 cards from a collection of 41 all-new cards (23 crypt cards and 18 library cards).


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