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Customer Newsletter for 12/11/2018

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Free Product of the Month

Free weekly product12 Days -- Holiday-themed Family Card Game
by Gamesmith

Featured on the December 12th, 2013 episode of the hit show TableTop, 12 Days is a beautiful holiday-themed card game perfect for the whole family. Designed by James Ernest & Mike Selinker; illustrated by Echo Chernik.

Game play: 15 minutes; for 3 to 5 players.

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Community Created Card of the Month

Check out this custom-created card, have it printed, and add it to your next Ascension game:


Ascension: Create your own Heroes, Constructs, and Monsters with the Ascension Community Card Creator!

Boss Monster: Want to build your very own Room? Give life to your very own Boss? Create them all with the Boss Monster Community Card Creator.

Mistborn: House War: Create your own Problems to solve and heighten the intrigue with new Personalities using the Mistborn: House War Community Card Creator!

 Boss   AscensionCC   MistbornCC

Featured Products

Featured Title

by Photographs of Lightning


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Featured Title

Behmen: A Cage Card Game
by Monster Headaches Productions


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Featured Title

Tarot Blueprint
by Mati H Fuller


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Featured Title

Rainbow Marbles Cards Double Deck
by Laughing Rain Dancer


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Featured Title

The Underground - Dezlooca META bundle [BUNDLE]
by Cannibal Krew Ent

$64.95 $54.95

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Pick of the Month

Pick of the WeekShowdown! the Samurai Card Game
by New Experience Workshop

Samurai, Ronin, and even Emperors lock eyes and dare one another to make a move, knowing only one will stand victorious! Duel each rival that comes your way as you make a name for yourself in a world where even an unknown wanderer can scrap her way to the top against the most capable of samurai!

Game play: for 2-6 players


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