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Customer Newsletter for 02/19/2019

Connecting card game designers and players

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Free Product of the Month

Free weekly productThe Other World Game - Playtest Set
by Halfling Caravan Games

A 5-a-side best-of-3-goals card-based soccer game that uses 2d6 to determine the other variable parts of the game. Each player has a deck of their team players, special team tactics, and set of generic tactics that are available to every team. There's a Ball card, and to round it all out, there is the Referee Deck which exists to help determine when, where, and if there are penalties awarded. This is a playtest set.

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Community Created Card of the Month

Check out this custom-created card, have it printed, and add it to your next Pathfinder game:


Ascension: Create your own Heroes, Constructs, and Monsters with the Ascension Community Card Creator!

Boss Monster: Want to build your very own Room? Give life to your very own Boss? Create them all with the Boss Monster Community Card Creator.

Mistborn: House War: Create your own Problems to solve and heighten the intrigue with new Personalities using the Mistborn: House War Community Card Creator!

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Create and customize your own monster, henchman, villain, loot, role, and many more card types using the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Community Card Creator.

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Featured Products

Featured Title

En Garde Reforged
by SlugFest Games


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Featured Title

Black History Trivia Showdown
by Legacy Genius


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Featured Title

The Cauldron Adrift - Drift hero deck
by Matthew Bishop


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Featured Title

Pocket Pitch & Putt
by New Experience Workshop


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Featured Title

Sabbat - Parliament of Shadows (Lasombra Starter)
by Black Chantry Productions


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Pick of the Month

Pick of the WeekMiddleweight Card Set
by Straight Jab Media

The next major division fighter set brings to your personal "arena" the best 100 indivdually rated Middleweight Boxers, designed to be used with Title Bout II. Recreate the wars fought between Sugar Ray Robinson and Jake LaMotta. Find out if Marvin Hagler could defeat the great Carlos Monzon. Match famous Philly fighters like Willie "The Worm" Monroe, Joey Giardello, Bennie Briscoe, Bobby "Boogaloo" Watts, and George Benton. If you're a boxing fan, you can't pass this set up.


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