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Carolina Death Crawl

Carolina Death Crawl

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CAROLINA DEATH CRAWL is a swampy Southern Gothic roleplaying card game for three or more players from the creators of FIASCO. At the height of the American Civil War, your characters have been abandoned deep behind Confederate lines. Can they fight their way through enemy territory and treacherous terrain back to safety? For all but one, the answer is “no!”, but the dark story you tell in trying will be memorable and thrilling. Fun and competitive, CAROLINA DEATH CRAWL gives you all the history you need—you supply the desperation, depravity, and destruction.

“If this is read or heard of in some future time, let the record show that on July twenty–third 1863 I returned to the world after being abandoned by General Edward Potter and God himself. The men by my side in Rocky Mount are all dead. Their suffering will be forgotten—I am its lone witness, and I choose not to etch it into my memory. Tomorrow I will either be hero, or deserter shot dead. Either way, what happened between there and here will go to my grave with me.” –Private Henry Eager, Company L, First NC Volunteers, United States Army


The game is optimally designed for four players and a session will typically last three hours, depending on your style of play. 


The 19-page rules PDF is available by clicking "View Rulebook" above and provides detailed, step-by-step directions for how to play the game, options for playing with three or five players, a glossary of noteworthy terms, and an extended "replay" example of a session of the game. 

sample images of the Carolina Death Crawl cards


The game includes a full-color deck of 60 standard-sized cards printed on premium card stock, double-sided, with rounded-corners and a low-gloss UV Coating. Here's what's included:

12 Color Cards (four each of Background, Raid, and Escape) provide evocative historical context throughout play; 

12 Character Cards, 6 sets of given name and surname cards that are paired in different combinations to determine who your character is and what will drive him through the story;

36 Action Cards (12 each of Kill, Disgrace, and Destroy) provide inspirational prompts that shape your scenes and points that determine the outcomes for each chapter.

PLEASE NOTE: The deck currently comes without a box, banded in a plastic sleeve for delivery. DrivethruCards offers a clear plastic deck box as an additional option for $0.99, so be sure to add that to your order or plan to pick one up at your friendly local game store. 

Print and Play PDF

Purchase of the print cards includes the Print-and-Play PDF at no extra charge, so you can get started right away while you wait for shipment to arrive!

When printing the cards, we recommend the following method for best results:

  1. print the front and back sheets individually in color on quality card stock
  2. line them up in some strong light and staple the sheets together along one edge
  3. spray the back side of each sheet with adhesive and stick them together carefully
  4. Trim them into individual cards


Thanks for your interest in our game! If you have any questions, please let us know!

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Customer avatar
Jon B February 15, 2016 3:23 pm UTC
Hey, Bullypulpit! I just recently came across your games (specifically CDC and Night Witches, wow to both!) after years of hearing about Fiasco! and how great it is. I'm interested in picking up Carolina Death Crawl, but I noticed on your web page's Store there are two different kinds of cards: Regular ($10) and Premium ($15), with no explanation of the difference. They both link to this page! Where there appears to only be one kind of card set.

Is it still possible to get the Premium style that Mr. Morningstar shows a sample of on YouTube? Or have they all just become the Premium style?

Thank you!
Customer avatar
Steve S February 15, 2016 5:27 pm UTC
Hi Jon! Thanks for your question. The Premium Cards option is the print-on-demand "Card(s)" option above. The Print-and-Play version is the "PDF" option above, meaning that you can download the PDF to print and cut your own cards.

So basically the game is $10, and having it printed for you is another $5. Just click the radio button for the option you prefer and add it to your cart to begin your own Southern gothic death crawl!
Customer avatar
Jon B February 15, 2016 5:34 pm UTC
Thanks for the very prompt reply, Steve! Looking forward to playing this with some friends.
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