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Watch the Skies China Tech Cards

Watch the Skies China Tech Cards

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The popular consensus that we are alone in this universe is wrong.  There have been sightings of mysterious UFOs in the sky and whispers of machinations in the unseen corners of the world and they're increasing with each passing day.  Watch the Skies is a megagame of international proportions as nations must come to grips with the arriving Aliens and their hidden agendas.  But the world keeps on spinning and players must juggle their obligations to resolving the Alien threat with other concerns as international and domestic dilemmas vie for their attentions.  Can the players handle this extraterrestrial crisis and preserve Humanity or their own nation?

China Tech cards are for use in the Science Room's Technology minigame in Watch The Skies.  There are 60 cards and 1 copy of each card.

[Note: Sample cards shown here only have example text displayed.  The actual cards have different text displayed.]

In order to play this megagame, you will need the other associated Watch The Skies cards from DriveThruCards and tokens as well as permission from the MegaGame Society to run the megagame.  Please Email for more info.

What is a megagame?

A megagame is a massive multiplayer in-person gaming experience where player counts usually start around 30 and go up into the 100s for the bigger megagames.  A combination of immersive live role-playing and board game mechanics, a megagame has something for every kind of gamer.  Megagames are different from a LARP as there is no emphasis on physical prowess nor are they driven by gamemasters towards a definite pre-planned end point.  In a megagame, the player is in control of how the plot is driven and where it may end up.  While there are Game Control members at a megagame being run, their purpose is to serve to adjudicate results from player interactions with each other or game mechanics.  Examples of megagaming in action can be viewed at SUSD's playthrough of Watch the Skies UK at: or [ and ].

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