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Arsenal: Arena Combat Backer Bonus Pack

Arsenal: Arena Combat Backer Bonus Pack

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This is a set of 16 new cards (2 copies each of 5 Action cards, and 1 copy each of 6 Mech cards) you can use to expand and customize your Mech Deck in Arsenal: Arena Combat. These cards were originally unlocked as a bonus for backers during our Kickstarter campaigns, and now they can be yours!

The Action cards in this pack are Target Acquired, Range Advantage, Brace for Impact, Outmaneuver, and Tactical Retreat. You get 2 copies of each, and none of them have aspect restrictions (see the Rulebook for details), so that means you can use them in any deck.

The Mech cards in this pack are Oculus, Wolf Spider, Valkyrie, Royal Harvester, Stone Helix, and Sky Lancer.

These cards are an expansion component, and you will need the core game in order to use them. See below for an outline of everything that entails.

What do you need to play?

  • The official Arsenal Rulebook (or the free PDF)
  • The official Arsenal Gameboard & Tokens (though Arsenal can be played on any hex map, and with your own counters)
  • One Mech deck for each player (each one has different cards, which are interchangeable with cards from each other deck)
  • OPTIONALLY, the Backer Bonus Pack, to improve your custom deck options.
  • About 20 6-sided dice for each player
  • A pile of pennies, glass beads, poker chips, or other small bits to act as damage counters for everyone to share

What is Arsenal: Arena Combat?

arsenal logo

Arsenal: Arena Combat is an all new 2 to 6 player customizable card game with a fast-paced, explosive style of play. Arsenal is about strategy and tactics; it’s how you build your deck and how you play your cards that will lead you to victory.

Your Mechs fight it out in sanctioned tournaments, special arenas, and crowded stadiums. In the world of Arsenal, the Mechs and their pilots are celebrities, with rivalries and reputations. Big name sponsors fund these giant war machines by painting their logos all over them and paying for their ammunition, repairs, and upgrades. In the world of Arsenal, these Mechs are big business and popular sport.

the arena

How do you play?

In Arsenal, you take on the role of a pilot in a combat mech arena. This arena is represented by a small hex map (the game board). You move your Mech around on this map to gain an advantage against your opponent, and then play cards from your hand to attack or defend. You will manage your power levels (the resource used to play cards), and use all manner of tactics to win out against your opponent.

gameplay collage

To play Arsenal, each player first chooses a Mech, then they each build a deck from the cards available to that Mech (not all Mechs are created equal). Next you and your opponent(s) shuffle your decks, grab 8 energy cards, a handful of 6-sided dice and damage counters, and put a token on the board that matches your Mech. Then you figure out who's going first and start playing!

gameplay collage

  • Players take turns moving their Mech around the arena, and playing cards from their hand to represent things like lock-ons, deployable objects, or any number of actions and reactions.
  • On your turn, you play attack cards from your hand that represent both your weapons and your ammunition, provided your target is within the attack's effective range.
  • When an attack is played, all players have a chance to react to it, by playing their own cards that represent things like taking evasive maneuvers or bracing for impact.
  • After everyone has had a chance to react, the attack is resolved: the attacker and defender both roll a number of dice determined by the attack card, range, and other variables. Both players then add up the number of 1's and 6's they rolled.
  • The defender must meet or beat the attacker's roll in order to dodge the attack. If they don't, it hits, and their Mech takes damage! Repeat until only one Mech (or team) is left standing.

All cards have an energy cost. You have 8 energy to spend on every player's turn, but you also have the option to "burn" any or all of your 8 energy. Doing so could pay off big, but "burned" energy comes back at a much slower rate, leaving you open to counter attack.

gameplay collage

How is the Artwork?

The art is fantastic, but you can judge that for yourself! We've enlisted over a dozen skilled artists from all over the world to make Arsenal the best looking game it can be. Check out some of these beautiful samples of the amazing talent we're bringing to Arsenal: Arena Combat:

artwork preview

What are people saying?

Check out this glowing review and gameplay preview from popular board game reviewer, Undead Viking:

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