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The Bite
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The Bite

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You slam the door closed, your partner barely making it through behind you. You can still feel their hands grabbing at your clothes; hear their moans echoing through the halls. The occasional thumping at the door reminds you that you are still trapped, even when you’ve run away. You won’t sleep tonight. Hell, you haven’t really slept in days, but you can try to ignore it for now. As you settle in with your companion, locked away safely in this small room, the doubts begin to enter your thoughts:

What if they’ve been bitten?

The Bite is a storytelling game about the decision to kill your companion who may, or may not be, infected by a zombie bite. Both players do not want to die, but both know that leaving a bite victim alive will result in death. To stall for time before making the dreaded decision, the two players will share stories about themselves.

Players do not know if their companion has been bitten, but must choose how to deal with the possibilty their partner may turn on them. By playing conversation cards, players delay the decision to kill their companion, and hope that the resulting stories that are shared will disuade their partner from turning on them.

"I keep thinking about this game & how good it is. 10/10 would cry again." ~ Taylor LaBresh (

"I wanna play this because I love pain and death" ~ Madison Ray (@maddiekayray)

This download contains the full rules for THE BITE as well as Print & Play cards.

Print on Demand cards now available!

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David M January 10, 2019 6:27 am UTC
This game looks mighty interesting for sure! I'm interested in getting the Print on Demand cards sometime as I like all the print jobs I've received from this site thus far. However, I'm confused by the Pay What You Want model for Print on Demand items such as this. This is probably a silly question, but I see the suggested price is 5 dollars...I understand I would have to pay shipping in addition to that, but is five dollars plus shipping enough to truly cover a POD of this product?

Thanks in advance.
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Adam L February 07, 2018 8:04 pm UTC
quick question after reading through the rules and the cards. It isn't totally clear to me what to do with the two facedown cards from the beginning set up. Are they effectively out of play so it is possible that at the end of the game no one has the XXX card?
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