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Pam's Vintage Tarot

Pam's Vintage Tarot

Embossed Bridge Card(s) in Tuckbox

Thanks to popular demand we are happy to present you 2nd edition of Pam's Vintage Tarot!:)

Note: this listing is for 90 bridge size cards measuring 2.25x3.5in, for standard Tarot size & more cards visit my profile!:) Thank You!^^;)

Note: For All orders outside US, VAT/Import tax/custom charge/post collecting fee is possible!

Thank You!^^:)

Pam's Vintage Tarot is a restored edition of one of the oldest Tarot decks, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith. It is presented to you as result of my latest commission work thanks to courtesy of Tarot deck collector from Australia who provided high resolution scans of the deck from her private collection. (Note: this is not the same deck as US Games or any other copyright RWS Tarot but much older first edition!) and requested for specific modification to be made according to her personal preferences with goal of creating more genuine ageless design that can’t be linked for specific geographic place, ethnicity, or time.

I must say, we are both more than happy seeing result; we think PCS would approve too! :)

Pam’s Vintage Tarot will be available for sale only for limited time & number of decks!

Note: all my decks have promo price first month after publishing & holidays including Halloween! The price will go up less there is left before it’s OOP (Out of print!:) So, early birds get better deal!

With that said, whether you are thinking of adding it to your collection, trying it as your main working deck (like I did!:), or getting it as your first tarot, or are still thinking, Hm, here is a list of changes in how it differs from traditional RWS that may help make up your mind:

*Original hi-res card scans (front & back) are merged with aged paper texture for vintage effect

*All text & borders are removed from all cards front and back as well as roman numbers from minors, therefore leaving only major arcana numbered in romans (for more ornamental purpose due to small size!)

*Cards are printed Bridge size as we find it most fitting proportion-wise

*78 tarot cards, +1 title card + extra 11 cards featuring artwork from lesser known illustrations from PCS's earlier works; 90 cards total!

Changes from 1st edition;

+plain vintage effect background(no ornamented corners for bridge size cards this time!:)

*improved card front design (resized to better fit printing safety lines & less chance for elements like signature to be cut in printing process!:)

*card back design/effect is slightly changed

*11 new art cards & 1 title card!

Hope you like! I know I do!

Recommended book for this deck: The Pictorial Key to the Tarot.

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February 7th, 2020
beautiful deck. I always wanted a vintage looking deck, but I didn't have the funds to purchase an actual vintage deck. The cards feel durable, riffle shuffle well. They feel like really nice playing cards. The bridge size is a great travel size dec [...]
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