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Sample Card: My secure login uses the undying hopelessness of our profession

Current Release: Version 0.1.5 Alpha // "ICO!" (Initial Card Offering)

What you get:

  • 120 shiny cards, including 1 instruction card and 7 blanks (3 blue, 4 red) to add your own idea
  • 1 box
  • Snark must be provided by the players

Sample Card: My threat model is based entirely on Attribution Dice

> Version Notes

  • Blockchain technology The cards are physical "crypto" tokens, mine them all!
  • Bonus Pack cards included! This is a limited edition with extra snarky cards for the non-profit infosec crowd.
  • Container streamlining! (The box should actually work now)
  • Still definitely, for real, not appropriate for production environments.

Release History

> Version 0.1.4 Alpha // "Push to Prod!"

  • We've containerized! (there's a box now)
  • More and better cards -- we dropped some and added better design
  • Still definitely, for real, not appropriate for production environments.

> Version 0.1.3 Alpha // "Look Ma I made a Deck of Cards!"

  • More Cards based on real actual user feedback -- turned out that was important ¯_()_/¯
  • Actual Rules (not that you'd follow them anyhow)!
  • Partial RFC1149 Compliance (UDP mode only. Requires use of peanut butter. No Refunds. Field Tested™! )
  • This version also adds blank cards for your own custom artesanal creations -- 0day your friends!
  • Still definitely not appropriate for production environments.

> Version 0.1.2 Pre-Alpha // "Version number basically made up"

  • This initial version is likely to contain bugs, cause crashes, and is not appropriate for production environments. (Note that this won't get better in later releases)
  • Testing so far has consisted of showing people a web mockup over beer, which I am pretty sure is enough for the first public release and/or angel investors, because actual human centered design has no place in security.

Roadmap to Version 0.1.6 Alpha (still)

  • Make a checklist
  • The current box can maybe hold 12 more cards.
  • We're probably gonna need a bigger box
  • And then a friggin design for the bigger box
  • …and then 132 more cards to fill it.
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September 12th, 2018
10/10 would laugh myself sick again any day of the week. This may or may not be the CAH variant the infosec industry needs, but it's definitely the one it deserves. [...]
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