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Scavengers Wargame

Scavengers Wargame

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"The Lords of the Beyond after being banished left behind a large strip of devastated land, with ghost towns, buildings, temples and a whole range of localities. Rumors that in these places existed treasures, weapons and a whole range of fantastic things, began to arrive in the ears of the people of our world.

Individuals in search of fame and fortune have decided to enter these cursed lands in search of these prizes. Organized in small groups, they enter these lands and there they face dangers. This is the premise of Scavengers, a skirmish game in the devastated lands, where you lead a group of adventurers in search of fame and fortune.

Extracted from Alabar Chronicle´s, a Scavenger Guide to Our World"


Scavengers is a tabletop miniature wargame for fighting skirmishes with fantasy/steampunk figures. Two players fight a small scale combat with five to ten miniatures on each side (a hero and your henchmen). The game is easy to learn and play, though there is enough depth that it will take time and experience to master.

The game was designed around three core premises.

a) You can download our 3D models or use any miniatures in their collection. Thus, the game is not specifically designed to any particular manufacturer or company. But if you like to help the game dev, please download our models! (They are free and paid...)

b) It is important that the miniatures on the table be the focus of the game. In the end, miniature gaming should be about miniatures (and fun!)

c) A large background - We´ll develop new units, histories and game scenarios. But we need your help, sending suggestions to improve the game!

I hope you like our game and have fun! Ahh, an important thing: this is the basic core rules, our idea is releasing other books to improve the game!

This is an orc airship and you need to print 1 for a stand. Our gaming site is coming with our core book, game lore and a lot of new things!

Download our miniatures at:

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