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HOT WAR - mechas, nukes and occult in in 50´s world total war - Fast Rules

HOT WAR - mechas, nukes and occult in in 50´s world total war - Fast Rules



"With the end of the 2nd. world war, the world enters a new political configuration headed by two great blocs: the United States and the Soviet Union. Despite the climate of hope in the division of defeated Germany, a series of suspicions begin to emerge among the old allies. The Russians with control of so-called Eastern Europe awoke among Western allies suspected of a possible breakthrough in 1946.

The Americans along with the British began to reposition the bulk of their troops on German frontiers and began a program to ship supplies and ammunition to their units. In 1947 the Russians also began to move in this chess, with the increase of their military personnel in occupied Germany. In 1948 the first case occurs when Stalin’s armies block Berlin, barring access to supplies and new troops. The American response comes in two nuclear attacks, one on Moscow with a new American bomb called BlueToddler and another attack on the Soviet heavy industries in the Urals with 3 small tactical bombs known as Nuke Candy. The Russians advance their conventional forces on the allies and a new conflict begins. The allies are now mortal enemies, on the one hand, the Americans, the English, and the French, and on the other hand the Russians and the Chinese, who proclaim themselves communists in 1947, joining the so-called Soviet Federation.

In 1949 is invented by the Russians the engines of macro combustion enabling the introduction of so-called combat mechs. These armaments recover the ground lost by the Soviets, pushing the allies to the borders of Poland. In 1950 the first Russian nuclear bomb explodes over New York, taking the world war to the American soil! In 1951 the Allies entered with their mechs of combat in Europe, bringing the conflict to unimaginable levels.

In this scenario, a powerful organization arises, formed by old Nazis who dream of having a great Germany again: the Werwolf Korp. Hidden in the Bavarian Alps in deep Nazi fortresses, they emerge as a fighting force with fantastic weapons and black magic. These represent one more weight in the pendulum of history"

Hot War is a wargame of miniatures past in an alternate world where the 2nd. world war becomes a third due to the postwar cold war climate.
We add fantastic elements like mechs, Nazi black magic, among other things, in a simple game system focused on skirmish (few minis) for quick matches and that allow the player to have fun in full. Another point is that our main miniatures are made for 3D printing and also allows the use of other companies' minis for the infantry units. (our intention is for very soon to launch the infantry units also for 3D printing). We are initially launching the fast rules with only two factions to set players in the universe and the game system. Our core book will be released in early 2019 with much more news, including the German / Nazi faction, which is not present in the fast rules. 

In our fast rules there is everything necessary for the player to start having fun!

Check our 3d Miniatures and join the Fight!

This set contains -

- Fast rules rulebook

- Paper counters

- Templates

- Introductory Scenario - Night Ghosts

Buy the minis here

Iron Comrade -

Gasoline Cowboy -

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