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Doomtown Starter Decks: Law Dogs - A Slight Modification

Doomtown Starter Decks: Law Dogs - A Slight Modification

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Here is your chance to take control of the streets and buildings of Tombstone and show who runs the most dangerous boomtown in the West. The Weird West! 

Doomtown is an expandable card game set in the Deadlands™ universe. Based on the classic collectible game, Doomtown puts you in charge of one of six factions vying for control of this Weird West boomtown: Law Dogs, Outlaws, Fearmongers, Entrepreneurs, Anarchists, or First Peoples. Use poker hands and card pulls for everything from gunfights to summoning abominations.

These brand new Starter Decks get you and your posse started right in on the action! Optional boosters add even more cards and options for each of these starter decks. The cards in these decks contain updated flavor text to reflect story developments, as well as the promo art for each card in the deck that’s received such a treatment! Whether brand new to Doomtown or a longtime fan, these decks and their associated boosters are a great addition to any collection! 

This deck focuses on the Law Dogs faction. The Weird West isn’t a safe place. If the outlaws don’t get you, then one of the many unspeakable horrors that prowl the night probably will. The lives of those sworn to uphold the law and defend the peace aren’t easy, that’s for sure. The Law Dogs faction is home to the sheriffs, deputies, and various townsfolk who support them in their duties. When a simple bullet isn’t enough to deal with a problem, the Law Dogs also have support from mad scientists, seen in outfits like this deck’s Fort 51.

One of the main Law Dogs themes is interacting with bounties on wanted dudes. Hattie DeLorre can impose penalties on the wanted dudes themselves, while “Thunder Boy” Nabbe becomes more powerful when opposing wanted dudes. The Law Dogs’ mad scientists are few in number, so dudes such as Janosz Pratt are best used in a support role creating and weapon gadgets to give to your other dudes. Although they’re not in this deck, the Law Dogs also feature a number of blessed dudes that can call holy powers to your side.

CARD LIST (starting dudes are noted with an asterisk below; those cards also have collector numbers in the lower left that are in bold and include the word starting to easily find them again): 


1x Fort 51 


1x 3 Janosz Pratt*
1x 5 Andreas Andregg
1x 5 Dr. Erik Yaple*
1x 5 Father Tolarios
1x 6 "Thunder Boy" Nabbe
1x 6 Erik Samson
1x 6 Lucy Clover (Exp.1)
1x 6 Virginia Ann Earp
1x 7 Quincy Washburne*
1x 8 Agent Provocateur*
1x 9 Dr. Dayl Burnett
1x 9 Mario Crane
1x 9 Xiong "Wendy" Cheng
1x Q Hattie DeLorre*
1x K Abram Grothe (Exp.2) 


1x 5 Charlie's Place
1x 5 Epitaph Branch Office
1x 5 Shane & Graves Security
1x 6 Buffalo Emporium
1x 6 Flint's Amusements
1x 6 Nickel Night Inn
1x 8 Lula's Exploit
1x 8 Pat's Perch
1x 9 Explorer's Lodge
1x 9 Old Marge's Manor
1x J Jackson's Strike 


2x 5 Electrostatic Pump Gun
2x 5 Knight's Chasuble
2x 6 Holy Wheel Gun
2x 6 Roan
2x 7 Hydro-Puncher
2x 9 Devil's Six Gun
1x 9 Wendy's Teethkickers 


1x 5 I'm Your Huckleberry
2x 5 Ol' Fashioned Hangin'
1x 5 Pistol Whip
2x 6 Faster on the Draw
2x 6 Technological Exhibition
1x 8 A Slight Modification
1x 8 This'll Hurt in the Mornin'
2x 9 Friends in High Places
1x 9 Ricochet


2x Joker

Please note that the cards printed by DriveThruCards are in the same quality as the AEG Era Sheriff promos and Pine Box era current promos. As with the AEG run on Doomtown, the back of the cards differ slightly in color from that of other Doomtown cards. We highly encourage the use of opaque sleeves for both this reason and card protection and this is a requirement in organized play.

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