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Strange Gravity [BUNDLE]
par William N. [Acheteur vérifié] Date Ajoutée: 12/31/2019 09:25:58

Strange Gravity is the best -- and hardest -- game I know.

Did Star Trek make you want to be a space doctor? Or Join a space navy? Or wander what it is like to BE a space alien? Do you want to explore strange new worlds IN SPACE?

Well ... now's your chance!

Strange Gravity is the best game for focusing on the parts of roleplaying games that make them distinct from board games. There's no dice. There's no miniatures. There's you and your friends, acting out and telling each other stories about amazing, wonderful characters and their catastrophically great adventures.

You'll -- quickly -- make characters and establish what sort of SPACE WORLD you are in. Then, you'll tell a tale like no other -- yours.

Maybe you'll marry a space whale or fight an alien. Or solve a glitch in the holographic XO. Or save a crewmember from her manipulative society.

All these worlds can be yours, but there's a price. That price is dedication. Bring your A game.

Strange Gravity is the hardest game I know. It makes me a better roleplayer everytime I play it. To play it is to deliberately practice your abilities as a gamer and facilitator. You will take on multiple roles -- your primary character, your narrative authority (everyone is a bit of a GM), and any NPC extras you get cast. You will switch between these, sometimes in the same scene. It will be hard, and some of the most worthwhile gaming you've ever played.

Buy this game. Play it with your friends. It will make you a more nuanced, more immersive -- dare I say better -- roleplayer.

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Strange Gravity [BUNDLE]
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Strange Gravity [BUNDLE]
par Ariana T. [Acheteur vérifié] Date Ajoutée: 10/27/2017 18:00:13

This is my absolute favorite LARP - ever. Each role gives players both fictional authority and metagame responsibilities, which means that GM powers are distributed among all of the players. It also means you have to work twice as hard, switching between playing your character and shaping the game for the other players. Equally great for both veteran LARPers and first-timers, this game is thought-provoking, exciting, and all-around delightful. I always have a blast playing this game, but more importantly, I learn something new about myself, every time!

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