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All We Love We Leave Behind
by Tarcisio P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/29/2018 17:04:34

All We Love We Leave Behind - a big name for a great game!

AWLWB has the merit to join 2 defferent things - deepness and simplicity. The game uses a very traditional medieval fantasy setting - at least on its main scenario, once the book presents other possibilities - to discuss deep feelings of loss, isolation, sadness, greed...with very clever rules and mechanics. Even the book presenting a way to play it with a friend, the game was designed to be played alone. It is a solo RPG. The game uses a standard poker card deck to randomize events and to generate interesting things, all of them related to the feelings above. The game itself has a very intelligent way to point its ending, and the passing of time is relevant to the full experience of the game. I many cases, you have to wait some days to be able to write your next letter, and this time of wait is an important part of the experience of playing it! I highly recomend it to people who wants to know a very imersive game, as well to those ones who likes to write. My English is not so good (I am from Brazil), but this game for sure it is! I f you know the solo RPG "QUILL", you should give AWLWLB a try!

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All We Love We Leave Behind
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