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by Dan R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/18/2016 00:42:23

The set delivers on its listed specs, the tempates are laid out well. I was really hoping for more depth for the price though, but what is in the product image is pretty much what you get. There are a couple basic styles of cards... the arched top card and squared card... some templates have shaded areas inset so the rim of the graphic you put underneath will be brighter than the center. There are a few 'decorative' objects but while I was hoping these would be icons or box/circle areas that matched the rest of the layout so you could put your own icons in them... what is provided is more like corner caps or other decorations not suitable for game play elements in most cases.

I really like the arched card style but wish the borders were a bit thicker to allow for bleed when printing and to make uneven cuts less noticable. The templates would likely work best for character cards or card games where are all the game mechanics are over the top of your art and you just wrap the border in these templates. Again, since cards typically need to be printed I wish the borders to the card edges were a bit thicker.

I am a little concerned about getting game iconography to match up well without any empty circles, squares, etc. on layers at varous places so you could hide/show the ones you want present and fill them with game items. I was really hoping this had something like that as 'decorative objects' but thats not the case.

So in short... whats there is good. technically whats described is all there. I'll have to play with it a lot more to see if its something i'll end up using or not. I would love to see additional layers with boxes/areas for game iconography to be added. like a layer with corner circles or squares... a layer with a box area at the bottom for card text... etc. that match the same border / graphic styling as the rest of the card. So i'll drop that in the suggestion box. lol.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Dan, Thank you for your purchase and review. I\'m always looking to improve my products for customers, so I really appreciate your suggestions and feedback. The items you mention for your wishlist would be a great addition to the kit; if you wouldn\'t mind, I\'d be glad to send you an updated file after I\'ve worked on it to see what you think? If that sounds good, then please let me know - I want this to be a useful resource for you and our customers. Again thanks for your honest feedback, I look forward to helping you get the results you need from the kit! Cheers! -Donnie Worldbuilder Media
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