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Muses & Oracles
by jérôme b. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/22/2017 19:29:28

Et en fait je me suis rendu compte que le produit étant en français, après avoir tout écrit, ça servait à rien d'écrire en anglais: boulet. Traduction pour les anglophobes: achetez-le, c'est un outil merveilleux.

I heard about it on a forum from a guy that bought it and was very pleased with the content and how it helped him to make his NPC looks more real and unique. So i wanted to try and i took it. It is an amazing tool if you can play with words. It won't give you a full scenario well-written like a commercial one but it will help you so much by providing you ideas about anything. Do i want a random weather? Pick a card. Do i need to describe a random NPC that won't look like any other random NPC? I pick a card. Do i need to invent quickly an objective for someone: pick a card. Even do i need an idea about the purpose of a session that i couldn't prepare? Pick a card.

I did it for a session last week: the card said a few verbs and 10words, i pick one of each and ended with Steal a Cake. Ok, so the players will be musketeers and the queen called them to speak - with a lot of blush - about the absence of an heir. The king don't do anything on bed since the Cardinal make him try a new cake. The king loved the cake and want another one each day. The Queen think the Cardinal is "poisoning" the cake so the king fell asleep after eating. She ask the player to steal the next cake.

Not the idea of the century, but definitly a good one and we all enjoy the session. It's cheap, good and... did i mention it's cheap?

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Muses & Oracles
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Muses & Oracles
by laurent g. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/03/2017 07:07:02

Excellent !

Inspiré fortement de FU RPG et Fate dans certain de ces mécanismes, M&O vous permet de jouer facilement sans Mj et/ou en solo !

Le moteur du système sont des cartes très bien faites, remplies d'informations et inspirantes qui nourissent l'imaginaires pendant la partie.

Le livre de règles est très bien écrit, remplis d'informations utiles sur l'utilisation des cartes, sur la manières de jouer à M&O, avec de nombreux conseils bienvenus sur la gestion et le développement de partie.

Bref.... Je suis fan ! :)

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