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Power Outage: Core Guide Book
by Alexander H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/18/2019 00:05:15

Full disclosure: I participated in some of the beta testing and editing of the book.

I had a blast with Power Outage. A good game that really lets your player's creativity fly. In my game, we had an outlaw with robotic handcuffs, a mail runner for the underworld, and a sweet hearted giraffe for a team. We may have been an unlikely set of compatriots, but I can hardly remember having more fun in an RPG.

The game is simply, but solidly designed. Things are crunchy enough that a new player gets to learn a few basic ideas of dice rolling, but keeps things simple enough to avoid overwheling new players. Getting to select your moves and then establish and describe all of that move's flavor is an absolute blast. I immediately saw vivid pictures of my character out on the battlefield, and I bet new players will feel just the same. That wasn't just the game's version of a knight: I was my own unique class and character based entirely on my own idea. Something no one else will play in exactly the same way. And, best of all, he went from idea to character in all of five minutes.

The world is punfilled, but there is an undercurrent of severity for game masters to unpack for their slightly older children. Think a good 80s kid's movie, where the more aware of the world you are, the more the movie resonates. Same here--if you want. If you're not feeling clever or light-hearted, the starter scenario will do a lot to get you in the mindset. It's good fun, and designed smartly to introduce players to the basic mechanics and puzzles. This scenario may target youngsters, mostly, but the group of 30 somethings I played with still enjoyed every second.

Overall, I have a hard time imaginging anyone not having a gloriously fun romp in Power Outage. Bebarce provides a lot of solid advice for new game masters (or game masters playing with inexperienced players for the first time).

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Power Outage: Core Guide Book
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Power Outage: Core Guide Book
by Joshua Z. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/03/2019 02:40:47

Power Outage is an amazing game for adults to bring home for their little ones or use as a gateway for people that might want to experiment with a TTRPG but don’t want to jump straight into something as complex as Call of Cthulu or Dungeons and Dragons. Designed by Bebarce el-Tayib, allow me to explain why Power Outage is an excellent addition to your collection.

First off the art and level of production value of the book is absolutely first class. The art is bold, colourful and striking but not twee, so will have a great deal of appeal to younger audiences. The ruleset will be comfortable to those who have played more complicated games, with fewer attributes and a very open ended rule-set in order to work with the imagination of young ones rather than limiting it, with an emphasis on finding non-combative solutions to problems along with collaborative combat rules to encourage teamwork. The book also includes ready made adventures so time poor parents (ie, all of us) will have something ready to run at the drop of a hat, which in my mind, increases the value especially during school holidays or rainy days. The website has an excellent community forum, with pre-made characters, new powers and even links to artists to make it easy for parents to purchase professionally drawn portraits of their child’s character. I would have liked a DND beyond style character creator on the website as I felt it would have streamlined the character creation process.

While I have been very positive on the book it has only two areas where I am concerned. The first is that combat is comprises of opposed rolls, so attack rolls vs defense rolls, which may bloat combat slightly, but that is only a minor misgiving. Otherwise my only other criticism (and this is personal taste, not necessarily a flaw) was the character creation process could have been more based around 5ed D&D, which I find easier to understand.

All in all, this is a great game and a worthwhile investment of your time and a wonderful way to introduce your children, partner and maybe even your stubborn friends into the world of pen and paper games.

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Power Outage: Core Guide Book
by Megan K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/08/2019 11:50:51

A wonderful, imaginative game that is simple enough for (and meant to be played with) young kids, Power Outage is a flexible ttrpg of heroes, villains, and some of the best pun names I've seen in recent gaming. I can't wait to crack it open with some nieces and nephews!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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Thank you so much for review. I'm always available to help or answer questions if you need it of me.
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