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Blade of the Iron Throne B&W Edition
Publisher: Iron Throne Publishing
by Thierry L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/24/2014 03:32:49

Excellent re-writing of the Riddle of Steel. The core mechanics of combat are now streamlined and fully playable ! Many issues have been solved or clarified, some examples: Unbalanced TN rating : solved by introducing d12 ! Combat stance, initiative : clarified Combat against multiple opponents : clarified (but still difficult !) Deadly effect of aimed shots : solved Unrealistic effect of high "stamina": solved And so on... That's a very serious job, made by passionnates that have practiced the game again and again, obviously. Several clever innovation with the character creation and attributes too, the Passion Attributes rules have been changed for more realism, a very important point since it is the other innovation of the game that really changes how people play their character.

For those of you who've never played the riddle of steel before, it's really worth trying with that edition of the Blade of the Iron Throne.

Here come the critics now : thinking about players new to the game, it might be difficult to understand the rules, especially those of the passion attributes, sometimes it's as if rules have been written for people who already played the Riddle of Steel. Fortunately help should be available at their forum. And second, it would be great if the annexes could also contain the numerous table needed for combat ! (but I'm sure this point is going to be corrected soon)


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Blade of the Iron Throne B&W Edition
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