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Furries Create Insanity - Volume 1
Publisher: Furries Create Insanity
by Paul H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/25/2015 23:27:30

Faithfully capturing the insanoty of Furry Conventions and Furry Fandom, this is a great game for any one with a fursona who's a lot bit naughty. The only issue we found was that the stand alone game is hard to play with the uninitiated as some of the best and most vile cards are pretty furry specific and require awkward explanation that disrupts the flow. We found mixing them in with the rest of our CAH deck gave a better all around experience and those who weren't furries would unknowingly drop a huge furry bomb on the table that would have the rest of the table in stitches.

If you are a furry or play CAH with people who are this will be a welcome addition to any CAH game night.

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Furries Create Insanity - Volume 1
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