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Witch Girls Respelled
Publisher: Relentless Fiction
by Mike B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/02/2015 23:42:57

I backed the Kickstarter for this project (formerly WGA: Book of Shadows) three years ago. Over a year and a half ago, the author simply stopped communicating with the backers, no updates, comments, or responses to emails. Today, the backers have finally received our download codes and I must say, it fails to impress.

After nearly three years of development (half of that in radio-silence), the final product is fairly riddled with typos and formatting issues, lacks vast chunks of promised content (setting information, the option to play non-witches, any kind of bestiary), and smacks of a quick-and-dirty retread of a previous product. A paragraph at the beginning declares that this is actually WGA 1.5 (not 2.0) and is simply meant to be layered on top of the original book. I hate this kind of "update," because it lazily declares "everything in the previous edition is still cannon, except for this, and this, and this..."

Ultimately, I paid $20 dollars, three years ago, for something that now sells for $10, and I would be better served simply playing the original version. Don't give these guys any of your money. It's a poor product, made by people who lack even the most common of courtesies concerning their customer base.

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Witch Girls Respelled
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