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Situation Aspect Cards (for Fate)
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Publisher: Nothing Ventured Games
by Jim B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/29/2018 14:12:47

I was a little disappointed in the cards, but maybe that's a matter of mismatched expectations. I was hoping it would be a rich set of situation aspects usable in a variety of settings. Instead, it seems more like a sampler pack - possibly useful as inspiration for creating your own.

There are 10 cards for environmental conditions. Most of them cover a scattered handful of specific weather conditions. I'd have used one card for weather, say, "Severe Weather," letting you adapt it to your setting. The other environmental cards offer a small sampling of environmental conditions. Again, they were a little over-specific. For example, instead of having two cards for different ways to have poor visibility, I'd have gone with "Poor Visibility" as one card, leaving you to adapt it for your setting. Your campaign probably has a lot of variety in your locations, but the environmental condition cards would be applicable to only a small subset of them. A better mix, if I had to squeeze a broadly useful set of environmental conditions into 10 cards, would have included other circumstances that could apply across a variety of settings, such as "Poor Footing" or "No Room for Vehicles" or "Creepy Surroundings."

The 10 personal condition cards are a decent mix, because they're more widely applicable to the things that can happen to characters, regardless of your setting. All the same, one could easily double the number of persoal conditions, especially if you have setting-specific conditions. D&D5e, for comparison, lists 15 personal conditions: 13 that are applicable across almost any setting, and two that are specific to a D&D-like setting.

The 10 social conditions aren't bad. Well, 9 of them actually. One of them had me wondering how it counted as a social condition. Anyway, they're not bad, but again, one could easily imagine some common social conditions that aren't represented here.

The 10 danger cards are good about covering a variety of settings, but as above, you could easily come up with dangers that aren't covered in these cards.

Bottom line: Don't expect this deck to stand in for coming up with your own situation aspects. It's effectively a sampler pack. Maybe you'll say "It's raining hard" and then you'll remember there happens to be a card that covers specifically that. Or maybe you'll say "The undergrowth makes progress difficult" and there won't be a card for that. The cards aren't bad, just eclectic.

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