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The Cauldron - The Stranger hero deck $6.06
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The Cauldron - The Stranger hero deck
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The Cauldron - The Stranger hero deck
Publisher: Matthew Bishop
by Robin F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/22/2019 23:34:55

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a great game which understands how to make co-op fun. However where SotM understands how card games work and makes decisions from there, The Cauldron understands how SotM works and adds to and improves the base formula. This set is worth a buy if you love Sentinels. Now let's talk about why The Stranger is a great hero

Not gonna lie; this guy is the star of the base set. He's like what I wanted Captain Cosmic to be. Now CC is fine, but all his constructs seem to go out of their way to only be slightly helpful. I don't like to play as him because he doesn't buff characters directly, except for one of his consturcts that reduces damage to a hero. Well, in a weird case of irony, buffing defense is the only thing the Stranger's runes don't do. His runes increase hero damage, increase the amount of cards a hero can play in a turn, decrease enemy damage, increase damage done to the enemy! And he can play a surprisingly high number of them in a single turn

The weakness of his rune is each one inflicts 1 irreducable toxic damage a turn or they're destroyed. However, his deck also includes 4 unique Glyph cards, each one can prevent 1 of his runes from hurting him and each on has a unique effect on top of that. This is a character will need a highly skills player to keep him from destorying himself, but the amount of support he can provide is crazy

The Stanger is the best support character I've seen in the game thus far, Cauldron or offical. His runes are actually useful, his deck is completely built around getting his runes and glyphs out as fast as possible, and there are very few cards in his deck that you'll be unhappy to see. If this strangers comes to your table, you should welcome him with open arms. You won't regret it

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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