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The Cauldron - Vanish hero deck $6.00
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The Cauldron - Vanish hero deck
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The Cauldron - Vanish hero deck
Publisher: Matthew Bishop
by Robin F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/28/2019 19:44:09

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a great game which understands how to make co-op fun. However where SotM understands how card games work and makes decisions from there, The Cauldron understands how SotM works and adds to and improves the base formula. This set is worth a buy if you love Sentinels. Now let's talk about why Vanish is a great hero

Vanish is the quick character who hits a lot of times for very little. Her cards revolve around either doing small amounts of damage or interfering with enemies, with a little support on the side. Her main strategy is to draw cards quickly, then discard to hit multiple targets, though because of the wording you could hit the same target multiple times if you wanted! She also has cards that let her use multiple powers a turn and inflict damage when you use a power, so if you like setting up combos, this is your girl! Her other main use is, as I mentioned, running interference. From cards that mess with the damage the enemy can deal/take or lets her use powers when the villains hurt someone (which gets down right broken in Vengence mode despite the discard cost). Heck, she even has her own "Into the Stratossphere" that's more versitile, but doesn't inflict damage.

She also has some unique support for allies, too. One you may not use that often is an ongoing that can be destoryed for every player to draw to 3 cards in hand. So it's useful in emergencys, but not much else than discard fodder (which is nice). More usefully, she can put ongoings/equipment from the trash into play if the player is willing to take some damage. As far as weaknesses go, she is a discard character, so if you don't have the cards in hand to use her skills, or worse can't get to the cards that let her draw more, you'll be up a creek. Additionally, she hits multiple times, but she doesn't do much damage, so enemies with damage reduction will ruin her day. She fortunately has cards that increase her damage and increase the damage an enemy takes, but it will be a hurdle you'll need to jump

Vanish is a solid hero for dealing damage, strategizing and threat managment. As long as you can keep a conistent flow of cards in your hand, you'll be in the perfect position to direct the flow of the game

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