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Hellfrost Map Sheets
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Hellfrost Map Sheets
Publisher: Triple Ace Games
by David B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/09/2018 22:12:46

Hoooooooly mackerel this map is huge. Like Skyrim-level, enormously, massively, mind-bogglingly huge.

Unlike most Savage Worlds settings, where the authors flesh out a "lite" framework which constitutes about 40 pages or so, and a plot point campaign & some savage tales, Triple Ace Games instead dived deep to create a super-rich setting that I dare say rivals the greats like Tolkien or GRRM. And where else but in Savage Worlds can you support 8 distinct magicial styles? (And that's if you don't seperately count each cleric for the two dozen gods in the pantheon. Well, maybe you can support 8 magic styles elegantly with FATE but I like SW's crunch-lite rules more.)

Where was I? Oh yes: this map. This beautifully illustrated, high-resolution, 45-page-plus-a-legend map. Clearly this was a labour of love, and does it ever show. Print it (or get it shipped to you), mount it on your wall, and prepare to marvel at the esquisite details of every trade route, mountain pass, forgotten ruin or flyspeck villiage. Every feature on the map is simply begging to attach the weight of history - either of your own devising, or that in the Atlas of the Frozen North & the Gazetteer.

This clearly is a monument, and it's oh-so very pretty.

Strap on a pair of boots, say a prayer to Freo the Voyager, and get yourself lost. May you find glory in the Fimbulvinter.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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