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The Singularity Deck Second Edition: Earth Full Set $20.99
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The Singularity Deck Second Edition: Earth Full Set
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Publisher: MTRoss Design
by Robert A. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/03/2020 22:39:34

Lovely lovely deck of cards that can be used for many different games, although I've found it's much more fun to try and come up with wildly complex games that attempt to use every card. With so many different types of notation on each individual card, these bad boys can be used to play any feasible card game imaginable. Simply add and remove cards from the deck as needed!

The real standout here is the art - rather than going with a generic "fantasy" theme as so many decks do; these are more of a minimalistic science fiction type deal, with each suit representing a key aspect of Earth/the universe. The "0" card is the Big Bang and the "Ω" card is the apocalypse, and each suit has completely different art on the face/12/A/Ω cards as well!

Fantastic work on these! Soon 10-player 8-card Gigapoker will take over the world!! evil laugh

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