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Triniton the Roleplaying Game
Publisher: Christian Ahlin
by Ava M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/25/2016 10:34:35

I'm new to tabletop RPGs but I found that I was able to enjoy Triniton immensely with my friends. First off, it was very easy to understand the mechanics and create characters. I was especially surprised that I could Game Master for us, and it went great (for a first attempt). The quests and challenges were fun and easy to understand. What I loved about Triniton is the moral choices one should make. It addresses real-life issues and is very appropriate for all ages. The level of detail in the story and the world of Arbes is astounding and immersive. Some tasks required us to work together as a team. The card game included was also really fun as well as the musical soundtracks. Overall, Triniton was a great first table top RPG for me, it was easy to learn the rules, faction relationships and progress through the story. What other fun RPGs are there on this site?

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Triniton the Roleplaying Game
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