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Triniton the Roleplaying Game
Publisher: Christian Ahlin
by Eliot L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/10/2016 09:37:34

In a word: Wow.  This is a pitch perfect introduction to the roleplaying hobby. It is (very) rules light, but comprehensive on gaming technique. It holds your hand and guides you through everything about the system and setting, including a segment on talking your friends into playing with you. (See "how to sell it." on page 9!) The section covering game mastering is also meant for the new GM, but it will teach even the oldest grognard a couple of tricks. Further than just telling the fledgling GM how to run the game, it also addresses some of the finer details, with clever insights on handling players based on how they speak for their characters. (See page 211 for the Advanced Game Mastering segment.) On top of all of this, is a lavishly illustrated campaign setting with each new chapter representing another element of nature and some new complications that the party must overcome to progress the story. If I said much about the campaign world I'd be spoiling it, but the author himself compared it to the best parts of Game of Thrones and the Mass Effect series, and I think it's a pretty accurate description.  Honestly, I cannot think of any other independantly written RPG that has this level of production value. The author hired a very talented magazine designer to do the layouts and it shows. All of the art, sidebars and handouts are well thought out, drawing your eye and attention.  If you have the opportunity to foster the roleplaying spirit in a young person's life, this would be the perfect place to start.  Even if you don't have anyone new to induct into the hobby, it is a colorful and inspiring refresher that'll point out aspects of your game that might be neglected. 

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Triniton the Roleplaying Game
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