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Star Fleet Battles: Lyran Democratic Republic Master Starship Book
Publisher: Amarillo Design Bureau
by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/12/2017 06:32:08

Its really nice to see your child grown up. This adds significantly to not only the number of starships in the LDR fleet list, but significant conversations to the LDR fleet. The little blurbs hint at the extensive history of the Lyrans expriment in Democracy cut short by the Andromedan invasion. It also provides ships which although never built hint at a possibility of a Mirror universe of LDR battleships, Dreadnoughts and the like. One can see that in the ships which were never built but are described as conjectural. I never thought that when it was created so many years ago, the LDR would be this wonderful addition to the Star Fleet Universe. Here it is in all its glory and the ships which are listed form that basis to play one of the more interesting fleets in SFU. The number of ships has been astounding with all the support ships and the like. Its grown so much from the tiny idea which was so long ago. It has a rich history and is one of the more interesting civilizations in the SFU. I really loved this and look forward to playing more of these as I fill out my Star Fleet collection. Its slightly smaller than the Lyran Empire Master Starship Book, but only because there are things in the LDR book that are not necessary such as the lack of "Early Years" ships (which the LDR never had). Its a wonderful product and is another feather in the cap of ADB as it continues to flesh out the Star Fleet Universe for its players.

The only criticism I have for these books and something I would like to see in the future is to have the intergrated SSD books for each race as well. A companion SSD book for each race which has all the intergrated SSD's would be a welcome addition to make these supplements whole.

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Star Fleet Battles: Lyran Democratic Republic Master Starship Book
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