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Two Sided Roleplaying
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Two Sided Roleplaying
Publisher: Le Trip Fantastique
by Goran E. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/21/2018 10:52:54

Well, I can't believe that: a game that says it allows you to role play in two minutes and that just does that.

There is no character sheet but who cares after all in a one page rpg ruleset. System is funny (i like the roleplay with a 2 dided diMe thing) and not that unrealistic after all. At least it's damn quick.

Perfect to play rpg in a bus or with kids on holidays' car trip (btw is that the "trip" in the name of the company???)

Doubleplusgood as a game but only 4 stars because it is just a one-page game. However this is really a universal system, not a "one scene scenario mini rpg" one.

(sorry for posting two times the same post, this is my first day here;)

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Hello Goran, We are very happy that you enjoy the game enough to post a critic here. Very nice of you. We played this game on a wide numbers of locations but not yet on a car family trip, gonna try this out soon (8')- Thanks again for the review.
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