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The Cauldron - F.S.C. Continuance Wanderer environment deck (2E) $5.00
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The Cauldron - F.S.C. Continuance Wanderer environment deck (2E)
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Publisher: Matthew Bishop
by Robin F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/08/2019 14:05:10

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a great game which understands how to make co-op fun. However where SotM understands how card games work and makes decisions from there, The Cauldron understands how SotM works and adds to and improves the base formula. This set is worth a buy if you love Sentinels. Now let's talk about why F.S.C. Continuance Wanderer is a great enviroment

Honestly I've hesitated on reviewing the enviroment decks because they're a bit too much to handle, at least the ones in the base set. Ideally the environment should be a neutral party that hampers both the villain and the hero. That's not to say there shouldn't be enviorments that require more attention from the heroes, it's just that a lot of enviorments both in the Cauldron and sentinels proper can take up too much of your time and resources. And it does get worse in the Cauldron's base set. That said, let's talk about why FSC is actually pretty great

FSC is both unique and good because it's basically "The One-Shot Enviorment deck." Yeah, it has a few targets (which will hit both heroes and villains, so yay) but for the most part when a card is played the effect goes off and then disappears immediately or after one round. For example one card makes every other deck take a card from its field and place it on top of its respective deck. Another one forces all players to discard their hands and draw the same amount. I like this because it's shifting conditions without making you feel like you have to stop in your tracks and redirect attention from the villain to take care of whatever new hassel the enviorment has throw at you every round

This isn't to say that this deck doesn't have those. One nasty card makes it so power activation destroys hero cards, so you'll need to be careful around that. But it also has its share of interesting negative effects. For example one card causes a hero to skip their turn, but makes them impervious to damage. So we gave it to Malichae, which caused La Capitan's attacks on the highest HP hero (Malichae) and the Lowest Hp hero (his Djinn) to waste the villain turn entirely. Then there's the card that makes it so one player has (H) turns in a row instead of everyone else, which is an interesting if you're playing with people who want the best for each other (and you should)

All in all I love FSC because it has a ton of unique effects that shift the gameplay without derailing it. Sometimes it'll just screw over the heroes but other times it'll present oppertunities to get a leg up on the villain. And in my mind, that's what the environment deck should be doing. So A+ on this one!

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