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Forest of the Spider Queen $4.50
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Forest of the Spider Queen
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Publisher: Alexey Aparin
by Chad B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/11/2021 14:43:04

Just played through this with new characters and here are my impressions:

  • The first printed cards I have gotten from DTRPG and the quality is very nice - the oversized cards are a real treat! Not sure what I'm going to store them in yet though.

  • The goal for this adventure is quite different, carve a path to all four edges of the map, which makes for a nice change and forces you to travel a bit. For an extra challenge, don't allow these paths to be within 4 squares from the corners of the map - that'll prevent you from bee-lining to the corners.

  • Generating all room content from cards is very elagent. I drew a card for each element until the stack was empty, then reshuffled. Makes me want a crazy full 36 card deck to play the base game with! (Note: Alexy just came out with a Monsters Deck in the time it took me to get this order, it for sure will be in my next physical order...) I did add the two Boss Monster cards to the mix but they didn't show up this game. (That dang giant spider through, I saw him a few times...)

  • Moving around outside was a nice change of pace, with lots of dead ends, but ways to hack through the trees and/or swim/fly across rivers. Double the wandering monsters on this map, I ran into many! (In fact wandering monsters killed off my wizard and cleric while returning to the start room...)

  • Overall a very fun 'dungeon' to play through, I look forward to playing through the others!

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