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Curse of Castle Ravenstein $4.50
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Curse of Castle Ravenstein
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Publisher: Alexey Aparin
by Lee S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/26/2021 17:59:44

Being a fan of both Ravenloft and Castlevania, I have a soft spot for any rpg materials that delve into the undead corners of fantasy. I loved Castle Ravenloft. I really like Four Against Darkness. I have been looking for ways to combine these two myself with varying levels of success. Unfortunately, it's hard to collect stats for the monsters unless you buy every book and thumb through them, and currently there are no rules for monster creation or scaling. Thankfully, this adventure has a good chunk of the types of monsters I'd find useful.

Basically, it's seven different d12 charts spread out over twelve cards, and then two boss cards and two magic treasure cards. I actually like the art on the boss and treasure cards. I also picked up the Animated Armor card to add to my collection.

I do hope to see more of these Dungeon Decks. The format is perfect for 4AD.

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