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Curse of Castle Ravenstein $4.50
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Curse of Castle Ravenstein
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Publisher: Alexey Aparin
by Chad B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/12/2021 18:22:32

Great theme and another unique victory condition make this another great adventure!

Playing with the cards is a real treat - the printed oversized cards are very nice, drawing for each results of room type, contents, etc. I really like this style of artwork as well.

Slight update to the Magic Treasure cards is nice "If you already have this, roll on the 4AD magic treasure table instead." I be applying that to all of these dungeons from here on out.

For this set I would not reommend adding in extra Bosses - you will want to meet these guys. And they go away from the deck so at that point you could sub in a card or three...

Also note that the bosses scale along with Highest Character Level to make sure you have enough challenge. My level 2 characters made is out a little beat up and mostly leveled up to 3.

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