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Tricube Tales: Solo Rules (PDF only) & Solo Deck (PDF or print) $3.00
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Tricube Tales: Solo Rules (PDF only) & Solo Deck (PDF or print)
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Publisher: Zadmar Games
by Dharma S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/21/2023 13:43:48

This is a pretty decent rules-light solo ruleset for the Tricube Tales one-page adventures. Bascially, pick up any of the one-page games (which are all self-contained), add these extra solo resources (stretching across 4 or 5 print-outs) and you've all the oracles and tables you need to generate RPG goodness on your own.

It's probably the best mini-RPG system I've come across - the simplicity of the ruleset alongside the very concise and helpful tables really work.

I did feel dedicating so much space to name generation was a little wasted - especially given the variety of themes on offer, several of which would not work with the names they suggest in my view. To be honest, so far I've ignored the mechanism using poker cards. And I didn't think the little symbols they offer were of much use in terms of helping progress the story either - I think you're meant to drop a dice on them, but that never seems to work so well in my view.

But all in all, a very well presented ruleset that you can literally pick up and play right off the bat. Perfect for newcomers to TTRPGs too - start on this and then see if you want to move onto a more complex solo RPG like Ironsworn or something. That's pretty much how I'm doing it!

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you for the review! Solo gaming tends to be quite a personal thing, so I always find it interesting to see which tools different solo gamers use. Personally, I always struggle to come up with NPC names on the fly. When I'm GMing a regular group game, I often ask the players to name my NPCs for me -- but when I'm playing solo, I have to do it myself, and I found my choices becoming very repetitive. Eventually, I resorted to using random name generators, and that improved things a lot, so I thought I'd include a simple one with the solo rules. I can certainly understand how some people wouldn't find it very useful, but it's something I reference quite often in my solo games. The Solo Rules can be used with any regular deck of playing cards. The main difference with the Solo Deck is that the rules are printed on the cards, so you don't need to reference them while playing. As with all things solo, individual gamers will pick and choose the parts that work for them -- I know some people very much enjoy the card-based approach, while others ignore it. Similarly, the story symbols were inspired by tools such as Rory's Story Cubes, which are quite popular among some solo gamers -- while others dislike iconography oracles. But they have the advantage of taking up relatively little space, meaning I can include a tailored set of symbols for each micro-setting. If you're interested in experimenting with that style of solo gaming, I heartily recommend the "Untold: Adventures Await" board game. Enjoy your solo gaming!
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