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Deck of Old-School Encounters, Systemless Fantasy RPG Cards $4.95
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Deck of Old-School Encounters, Systemless Fantasy RPG Cards
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Publisher: Philip Reed Games
by Ciaran [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/24/2024 18:17:06

I love these, like many of the products Philp Reed Games makes they are beyond useful for solo gamers to use something more than charts and to also mix up possibilities for events, also great for low prep games for hexcrawling or just for something to happen without rolling or without having something made up in advanced. I have the Deck of Old School Encounters 1-3 (just downloaded the third set but they look as great and useful as the other two sets) I have used set one and two several times, take a bunch of cards you want or think would be good for game or areas you will be going to and draw them as needed, if you are a DM can do it in advanced and keep it a secret or do it in front of everyone or even get the players to draw to see what they got themselves into.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you so much! We spent quite a bit of time making tweaks to each of the cards in this series, and I'm happy to hear that you find these useful for solo gaming (which was one of the design goals when I started writing the cards). Always awesome to hear from players who have actively used these works in game sessions. Thanks for posting the review!
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