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Mystic Empyrean Preview Game
Publisher: Level 99 Games
by Michael S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/27/2011 12:15:57

This one of those games that I can't stop thinking about. Mystic Empyrean has an amazing, and quite unique, resolution system, though it has been held back for the final product. The game is meant to be played diceless, with custom cards that show how your character evolves AND how the world reacts.

Unfortunately , we don't really see that in this preview game. The dice system provided works well, however. In response to the previous review, the target number you are to role is 11 - the world's rating. Therefore,if your player want to pickpocket a guard successfully, and if Darkness is a world balance of 4, your player only needs to roll a seven or more. It's a good system, though, once again, only a substitute until the real system is fully developed and then released.

There is much going for Mystic, mainly the fact that the world is like one, giant character sheet your entire group is building together. Every action you and your party does affects not only yourself, but the world around you, changing the "balance". not only that, but there is not one GM - Mystic is the first I ever saw that gave a perfect way for everyone to be a GM at one point, and for everyone to bring something different to the table.

It truly is an amazing game Talton, Jr. has created, and I honestly cannot wait until I see the final product. Mystic Empyrean is a great game for hardcore and casual players, as well as new roleplayers and experienced ones. Overall, if I had the chance to play only one rpg for the rest of my life, this would be it. 5/5

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Mystic Empyrean Preview Game
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