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Kigi $10.99 $8.99
Publisher: Smart Play Games
by Zachary B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/21/2015 20:16:32

At less than $10, this beautiful game is a steal. I've never had my 5 and 8 year old daughters ask to play again and again and again. I feel the 10+ year old "suggestion" is a bit steep if your family plays any basic card games (Go Fish, Rummy, etc.), and you could easily play with a 3 year old just matching colors and shapes to make beautiful trees.

I feel in a way this is like art-inspired Rummy. You get points for each move matching contiguous sets of flowers or insects. You place a card on your tree or an opponents. If your points are too high you prune the entire set down to the trunk (including branches that weren't part of the point scoring). It's really simply just to play with that, but "commissions" add in big point moves if you end the game with certain criteria met, such as longest branch or least insects on your tree.

There are "right" moves, but we've been having so much fun just playing that the end score isn't a huge deal. There's good depth, and definitely risk/reward, but it's very light-hearted and fun. If your family plays games this is a must have.

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