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Furries Create Insanity - Volume 1 $18.33
Publisher: Furries Create Insanity
by Raquel H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/13/2015 14:19:32

If you enjoy Cards Against Humanity, buy these cards. If you enjoy CAH and are more familiar with the furry fandom than you're comfortable admitting to mixed company, buy these cards. If you enjoy CAH and are openly furry, then maybe you already own these (..but if not, buy these cards).

Built like the regular expansion packs of CAH, FCI was surprisingly accessible to those I tried it out with that have absolutely no familiarity with the furry fandom -- only a few white cards needed any clarification, something that occurs even with regular CAH. One individual previously innocent and blissfully ignorant of the fandom even had a favorite card. I also have a favorite card. I'm not going to tell you in this review which ones they were, though. You'll know you've come across them when you begin crying unabashedly, said cards clutched in your shaking hands.

Completely appreciable by depraved individuals, enmeshed with the fandom or not, Furries Create Insanity is a welcome addition to your CAH library.

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Furries Create Insanity - Volume 1
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