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Furries Create Insanity - Volume 1 $18.33
Publisher: Furries Create Insanity
by Benjamin H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/18/2016 14:44:18

If you are unfamiliar with the furry fandom, or are new to fandom, buy the second volume first. The first volume did create some fantastic laughs and terrible jokes for one of my furry friends, her boyfriend, her brother, and myself (I am a furry as well). However, my friend and I found this pack to have a little too many strange sexual things that don't represent the entire fandom well. It does have fantastic cards in this volume that are not in the second volume; but, I would suggest waiting for the second volume to be officially released and buy it first.

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Furries Create Insanity - Volume 1
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