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Rage Warriors of the Apocalypse
Publisher: White Wolf
by Darryl J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/11/2017 16:27:11

Such a great book.

Originally all these NPCs were cards for the Rage card game. As this book was released after several expansions of that ccg, there are garou of every rank, many fera, all sorts of wyrm minions for you use.

The background on every NPC is brief (about as much as seen in any Rage Across... book) but descriptive enough to be easily slid into a campaign. Great book for needing a antagonist quick and on the fly, here you go: rank 4 Silver Fang braggert, easy; a BSD pack to harass the PCs, no problem, got enough for two packs; Pentex First Team - this book has it all.

On the downside: this is a 2nd edition book, some Gift choices were not present back then, and some skills existed that don't now (w20th edition); also sometimes the written background doesn't seem to match whatever the person giving stats had in mind - the Gifts / skills of the NPC seem to be missing essential assets (character is a healer of note, but has no healing skills/rites)(character is known for commanding the wind but no Gift to explain this power).

Great book, will always have a use for this at my table.

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Rage Warriors of the Apocalypse
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