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Combat Patrol Set A $5.00
Publisher: BuckSurduPublications
by Brian I. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/26/2018 11:29:19

Five Stars Highly recommended.

Combat Patrol is Buck Surdus Opus to WWII miniatures skirmish rules.

To begin your symphony of miniatures violence, you shall require a set of rules and the cards required to play. I purchased both here at Wargame Vault. The download provided a clear set of the rules. The cards came later and were well produced set of playing cards. The delivery time was excellent and they were well packaged. I later purchased a physical set of the rules, which is handy for pre 21st century war gamers, who are still coming to grips with electric toasters and microwave ovens.

The rules PDF comes with everything required to play the game, except the required Action Cards.

There are numerous player aids which can be printed from the PDF, these include explosive templates, flame thrower templates and various cards for unitsis and vehicles.

The system uses a Double Random Activation, a lot of words for throwing the dice 1D6, to create a random number for each unit, defined as a half squad, weapons team or leader team usually 3-6 figures. The number stays with the team for the duration of the turn. There is an activation Deck which comprises cards numbered 1-6 the color of which corresponds to the side which the unit belongs, there are random event cards and special event cards and a reshuffle card, that you can add to each deck. The decks are customizable depending on the numerous optional rules that are available for use.

The system uses the acronym G.A.M.E.R.

G= Guts, morale, Bravery , Fortitude. divided into ; Green, Regular, Elite classes. A= Accuracy, ability to hit with different weapons sytems. Green ,Elite classes. Melee= ability to fight hand to hand. This is avalue based on the class and the modifier representing the type of weapons used. -1 to +3 are the modifiers, 0 representing the most common. Endurance= Represents the number of wounds a figure can sustain before slipping its simulatedmortal coil. Can be as low as 2 and as high as 5. Reaction= Ability to interupt movement of another figure/ basically opportunity fire.

The Action cards : each unit uses for movement, fire, close combat, casualties and randomized numbers are represented by these cards.

When your sides card is drawn and the 1-6 number is cross referenced with the dice of your unit you perform an action. Individual actions of each figure in the unit can vary. They must be specified before the turn begins.If you have a leader whose activation number is pulled he can swap his dice for another unit within his command radius and allow it to perform an action instead.

Fire: The unit activation cards have bullet holes at the top of the card. When drawn to fire a white bullet hole is a hit a black bullet hole is a miss. The class of unit firing Green, Elite ,regular modifies your hit chance.

Cover: the uit being fired at pulls one of his cards and looks at the cover on the card, if his unit is in the cover indicated on the card the fire directed at him is modified by the cover. If the fire scores a hit he draws another card to determine casualties.

Casualties: a figure is found on the card and it will highlite a wound location, this could be head, arm leg or torso. If the result is incapacitated the figure is removed/in role play if not dead you can rescue the figure. Depending on the endurance of the individual figure it will either be incapacitated or wounded. The figures future ability to move or shoot would be modified by this result.

Melee: a 10 sided dice is represented on the cards drawn, if figures come bases to base hand to hand combat will follow. Figures that out number others can attack up to 3-1, modifies due to Melee values and individual weapons used will be used. Dice is thrown loser must retreat they may be wounded or die depending. Winner advances.

Explosions; these are represented on the cards, a template is applied and cards drawn to inflict casualties.

Vehicle damage and casualties: There are vehicles represented on the cards with damage areas indicated, vehicles have penetration values. The penetration value is cross referenced with the penetration value of the firing weapons system.

Morale checks occur post turn and cards are drawn for the effect on the unit.

The cards are drawn until a reshuffle is indicated, then actions are performed to begin the game sequence again, ie. re-roll dice for action numbers for each unit, morale issues and removal of stun markers which accumulate with taking fire.

The games are very fast, as the cards allow for rapid execution of gaming functions. Once learned a game of less than two hours, for up to company engagements are possible. If a game master is used the time is reduced.

The Buck Surdu site has multiple free stuff for this system. The videos on You tube basically show you the game and is a huge help, watch these if you are on the fence about the sytem. The after action reports are a good guide to what is possible. Napoleonic, Wild West and Star wars are supplements which extend the system. The Pacific is another free supplement, the cards are a seperate purchase as there are specific issues with this theatre of war which required a different card set.

I highly recommend this sytem, the downloadable rules are a cheap purchase for what you get. Buying the card decks is not cheap but once you play the sytem, the value becomes apparent.

Is there luck, yes. Is there a lot of variability in the game, yes. Is it fun YES.

Invest in this system it is worth it.

Brian. Northern Colorado Gamers.

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Combat Patrol Set A
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