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Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Season of the Shackles Complete Set $10.75
Publisher: Paizo
by Tom P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/15/2018 00:43:25

The time my order was placed to the time I received my cards was two weeks.

The color of the printing looks great. I would say the color is within an acceptable tolerance of the original base set cards. I don't sleeve my cards and when added in with the other Class Decks that are all minimally off in color, it becomes indistinguishable.

The registration of print from front to back is slightly misaligned. Not by much in my opinion, but the cards are punched from the back, so that is a good thing. It means that the facedown cards are punched centered to the artwork's border. You want this instead of the other way around. If the cards were punched from the front you would notice the off-registered printing on the cards when they appear face down on the location decks.

The stock is comparable to the base set, and the card die is the same both in dimensions and round corner.

All the card proxies from the Season of the Shackles are represented here; Villains, Henchmen, Monsters, Locations, etc. The only thing missing are the Scenario cards, but it is assumed that you are playing from the Society Guild PDFs anyway making them unnecessary.

All-in-all; the 69 card deck was printed and delivered in a reasonable time, the printing and punching are well done, and the addition of actual cards versus proxies make it a whole new game.

Listed above are not complaints—just observations for other gamers wondering what to expect. For me, I couldn't be more pleased. I’m very satisfied with the product and can’t wait to start the Season!

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Season of the Shackles Complete Set
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